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Why Do I?

OK. So my school says no mohawks. And I like my mohawk its not bald on both sides but its short and you can tell its a mohawk. I come in the first day and I'm like fuck it why should I cut my hair. I didn't want to seem like a bad ass with my attitude with my hair or nothing but hell this is how it goes when I run into the disciplinarian.

[Disciplinarian]: Hey Alex, Woah hold on what's that?

[Me]: Uhh Whats What? Oh this isn't what you think. Its a fade.

[Disciplinarian]: Turn around. Yep that's a mohawk. You know what that means?

[Me]: Darn it you know I keep telling my barber I don't want a mohawk and he just cuts it that way.

[Disciplinarian]:Sure he did. That's a Detention Alex and there will be more if you don't get it cut off by tomorrow.

[Me]: Man fuck this shit

[Disciplinarian]: What was that?

[Me]: Nothing

So I don't go to the barbershop cause I had a recording session in Baltimore and by the time I get back home all the shops are closed. Why Do I?


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