New Release

Get Hip


This is my song right here. Matter of fact this is my vision. I want to do every hardcore house classic. I don't even want to sample this, I just want to rap over this right here. Like I might just make a webcam video. (Don't hold me to it). However, I just wanted yall to understand what I'm talking about when I say I'm trying to do this new sh!t. You know were rocking to this like right after the 2.00 minute mark, I just start freestylin lol. GoodMusic.Peace

College Heaven


So I'm moving into Northeastern U this weekend and I'm about to burst out my chest with relief and suspense after waiting 18 long gruesome years under African parenting and it seems like my life has suddenly paused. All my friends are gone and have watched and waved goodbye to them in addition to heartfelt messages promising to never forget each other. Now what happens after the goodbye. Sadly it is this....

....I know right. I watch as everyone else goes off or back to highschool and I'm stuck feeling like some old guy trying to fit in. Kinda like Bruce Willis except black. Its awkward man, and these last 5 days feel like purgatory. So I sit back and wait for...
...Yes. College Heaven.
I'm the first 50 freshmen to move in and I'm in the newest dorm(International Village). Sounds nice right, let me tell you. We have a sushi bar, night lounge, and restuarants that serve Thai,MiddleEastern,Mexican delicacies plus a brick oven grill. O and did I mention....

...Our lounge is a bamboo garden.

Irony is I have one of the best colleges awaiting me but of all my friends I'm the last to see it. DO YOU KNOW what it feels like to be 18 and not able to go anywhere. I'm driving my lil bro and sis to their first day of school tomorow. This is that bullsh!t. lol. I have played more video games in the last 2 weeks than I have my entire life. Its pathetic.Pray for me.

Just Stop Trying


Damnn she punished her forehead. lol It sucks cause all the other paradies of this do it in slow mo which makes it 10X funnier but this shows her crying which is kinda bittersweet lol. I'm sorry but why would you where a clown mask? Especially a CLOWN mask...thats just Peace.

The Count

Lmao I just saw the video and I new i had to post it. Our childhoods would be so much different if actually understood all the obscene jokes society made in our presence. My brother is at that age and I make jokes that go over his head around my friends and he never really understands what I'm talking about. lol Kids would think the world is an evil place if we eally let them know early on what all these jokes and shit really meant. Didn't mean to get deep on you guys but yea enjoy the vid. Props to they got great stuff up there. Check it Out . Peace.