New Release

The Recess Mixtape

Just got the CD's yesterday all nice and pressed up. I'ma be out promoting the mixtape with free shit. I'll be doing shows all summer. Got one more final to take before I'm off campus and back home(Accounting). Freshman year went by soooo fast. The Recess Mixtape is doing well. I think my first year of the rest of my life was an overall success.

The Recess Mixtape

O yeah its finally here. The Recess Mixtape. Shout out to, VRS, and Poliphonic productions. We on DatPiff.Com Make sure you get your free download of Prozilla's The Recess Mixtape.

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That Tree

Is it me or is Cudi going harder than anyone in the game right now? Man On The Moon still getting spins from every demographic on the planet. "That Tree" is the new joint on Snoop's re release of Malice N Wonderland. I think this the final version but I have heard others. I thought the beat was hot but I don't know if Snoop did it justice.
What do you think?

That Tree(Remix)
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The Recess Mixtape Countdown


Ok so we are now drawing very close to the digital release of Prozilla's The Recess Mixtape. People are hitting me wondering how they can get it. IT WILL BE ON DATPIFF.COM Don't worry. I also got 200 copies pressed and I'm getting 500 more. It's gonna be bananas. I will be out promoting yall might catch me in Pentagon City or White Flint or The Blvd.Passing out free sh!t. I'ma hit up Bowie High School and Roosevelt. I know yall miss me down there. The mixtape is free just cause I believe ya'll deserve better.

Snacks and Shit

It isn't always about the lyrics when you making songs. As an artist you can choose to make music for people or for yourself. Hence, Common's "The Light" vs "Universal Mind Control". The lyrics always mean something to somebody. Whether your telling a story laced with metaphors or shittin on people with the punchlines. But if you callin yourself an artist period you can't pretend to say stuff hoping/believing that no one will pay attention.
website has archived some of Hip Hop's greatest artists saying some off the wall stuff. I know I've heard some arguable lyrics rappers be saying but I never had an alibi. Here's an unbias source of some of the questionable lyrics rappers be using. As for Pro. I mean everything I spit, whether it was to make you laugh or make you think,
I don't play with the rhymes.


Mixing Up The Medicine

As soon as I heard this joint I knew Juelz Santana's comeback was in full swing. "Homerun" with Lil Wayne was bananas, now he got a new joint with Yelawolf. Who is Yelawolf, you may ask. Kid straight outta Alabama, with an ill flow. Check out "Trunk Music". The name of the song is "Mixing Up The Medicine". I'm feeling it. Why shouldn't you?