New Release

Wait a Minute


Yo I love this rite here man. BTW I've been goin through some stuff recently regarding my music and i aint tryna be no sell out but I feel like I amcos I'm using the word shawty in this song when I really aint that rapper. To make a long story short this producer making me beats and he can really put me on but The song I'm doing rite now aint me. SO yes technically I am selling out I admit it but yo the rest of my music gonna be all me I swear. Am I still a sell out for life???

Common's Uncommon

Ok this is sposed to go with the video post below but clearly blogspot is $!%$#@ up so nevermind. Uhhh yea Common doing his thing with this track hopefully universal puts him on right so it can really catch fire. Artists need to start being confident when they think about switching the gaurd and trying something new. Peace