New Release

Personal Foul

Yo I'm a sport's guy, all I do is watch  Sports Center and I was thinking of the LSU vs SC game and the turnout wasn't too surprising. But I just saw a clip of when the ref hit the QB on that quarterback keeper on 3rd down and I couldn't help but think "Yo the ref hit this kid on purpose" Like at first if you look it just seems like the ref was bracing for impact. But look at how the ref lines up with him, he's not watching the play because allt the defense is behind him. And HE intiates the contact first. All I'm thinking is why would the ref do this. Could it be possible it was on purpose? Like foreal look at this, can honestly say the ref didn't hit the guy on purpose?Peace.


This sh*t just disgusts me. I was supposed to be doing my paper(which I'm still supposed to be doing) and I got carried away by the internet and its wonders. I stumbled upon BRAVENEWFILM.ORG I write it in all capitals so that you all will go look at it. but seriously FOX is an evil and ill conspired broadcasting company. I have always thought so but I am glad to see that there are people taking a stand. I encourage you to take a look at it cause they have other stuff on there concerning politics and the economy. Can  you believe the stuff they saying about black people and they got a house slave to consign so they don't look racist. Hannity and Colmes are the worst Oh and let's not forget Bill O'Reilly the Papa Bear himself.PEACE. especially since Fox spreading HATE.

You Can't Wu Tang Better Than ME


I wish I could move like this lmao.Peace


Busta got a new song and a new dance. Now we all argue about he gimmick with rappers dancing cough Souljah Boy cough but this joint is cool because Busta is already an established his career as a dope MC. This isn't a full 5 part dance move, all you do is point in the air, it could catch on and be the next Ballin. I aint a big fan of Jimmy but Ballin was dope everyone did it till it got annoying and people still doing it or whatever. Can't wait till Busta's new album.Peace.



Is it really ok for a rapper that talk about coke and birds to be a parole officer. Like young I don't think its gotta be that serious UNLESS you ROSS and TALK NOTHING BUT DRUGS. That's not a smart move. Of course this isn't really Ross but he did admit to it in It was long overdue yes but what I really want to know is why and how do parole/police officers become rappers/drug dealers whatever...Ross was probably a crooked cop or something you never know. When I heard, it reminded me of those prison guards in Hustle and Flow when DJ got locked up. Fact is this is funny.Peace.

If You Could 3 Finger Slap Somebody?

I really don't care about Yung Berg and his music like foreal, but this nigga getting bitched by everyone in the game. Wayne don't give him no credit as an artist, Maino slapped the shit out of him and made him apologize. Now Neo is saying he wishes he could Three Finger Slap this nigga LMAO. I mean the grounds for it would be plausible probably applaudable lol. Cause really Berg aint doing nothing new but I would rather just brush him off than talk about dude but hey props to Neo for being candid.

I'm Back

Sorry for my brief absence but I have had no social life for a month due to the wonderful SATs. Seeing as how my scholastic future depends so heavily on it I couldn't risk failing the defunct aptitude evaluation tests that are the S.A.Ts So yeah I've been pretty much MIA and it shouldn't really matter cos no one even comments or visits my page so really I'm explaining myself to an audience that doesn't exist(yet). However if there are those out there on cybersapce that do like reading the random rantings of adolescent rapper with hopes of gradeur then yes I greatly apologize...Ima keep rappin for a couple minutes on how much the SAT sucks, supposedly colleges do take it into consideration even though they say they don't and they check up on your facebooks and blogs for inappropriate remarks or images. But I'm sure everyone does as they please anyway...On to other news even though about a week late, How bout that Palin!! and the hilarious SNL skit that followed...