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I'm Back

Sorry for my brief absence but I have had no social life for a month due to the wonderful SATs. Seeing as how my scholastic future depends so heavily on it I couldn't risk failing the defunct aptitude evaluation tests that are the S.A.Ts So yeah I've been pretty much MIA and it shouldn't really matter cos no one even comments or visits my page so really I'm explaining myself to an audience that doesn't exist(yet). However if there are those out there on cybersapce that do like reading the random rantings of adolescent rapper with hopes of gradeur then yes I greatly apologize...Ima keep rappin for a couple minutes on how much the SAT sucks, supposedly colleges do take it into consideration even though they say they don't and they check up on your facebooks and blogs for inappropriate remarks or images. But I'm sure everyone does as they please anyway...On to other news even though about a week late, How bout that Palin!! and the hilarious SNL skit that followed...

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