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Come On Son


My man Josh Howard. Lol I personally think its a bad move cause as a professional,
you don't want dumb ish to mess up your money. This is bigger than Howard,
we got niggers(yes niggers, ignorant black people) getting into the proffesional world
and they making unpstanding black people look bad.
He put on Obama in the video but in reality Obama
don't want dumb niggas giving him props.
This unfortunately will not stop it's not just sports athletes
exe Pacman,Shaq but Black public figures.
By being in the public light, they consciously or unconsciously
speak for the Black community,
when cats do dumb shit, it makes everyone look bad.
As far as Howard, who cares, he aint gone change.
Can't teach old niggas new tricks.



Even though its true I find humor in it. Not that Black people are being apprehensive and using reverse racism but its true a lot of the time shit like this happens. I got a lot of white friends. I know this is a joke and its extreme but there is always one time with one of my white friends where an awkward race moment comes up. And it makes you think, if I was white what would I do? On the real I don't think there is a right thing to do. Sucks right. But for all my cool white people. DON'T DO THIS.

Give Em Hell Joe


LMAO Biden is a G.

I'm Nigerian. Proud To Be A Naija Boy


The topics he discusses in this documentary are so true. Even though this is old, the last time I went to Nigeria was April 2008 for my grandfather's funeral. You can say what you want but I love my country and the US. What I hate is that people look to Africa as a backwards civilization. Even in a common conversation niggas be like naw I'm not African, I'm African American. "I am not you" It used to really bother me growing up cause cats would go on my name for being long and un-pronounceable but now I'm like fuck it. Fela was a leader in Nigeria and he is still talked about today but he isn't the only leader we have. Nigerians STAND UP. lol.Peace

Speak On It Skillz


I honestly feel that Skillz is on to something. It's not just these moguls like Puff and Jay but i feel like it is true in some ways. Power people in their positions are not willing to spend time shaping new and great talent. On the real i feel this is one of the major factors that is killing the game. Especially how Puff would go on cats from Da Band. That shit is real.



(real talk though)

Shawty Lo Roast




YOOOOOO. 50 be on some other shit sometime, but is this really a gimmick but this is funny to me. Sometimes you just root for the bully. Personally, I take no sides but 50 is just 50 and this shit was just funny to me. 50 is known for being confident but we start to take as cocky ora being an ass(cough)Lil Wayne(cough). But 50 doesn't bullshit with his business, not music, his business. So is he overboard?

Sly Foxx


I'm sitting here wondering why they always hate. Every now and then Fox will draw attention to a Black man or Black movement and try to discredit them. These to reporters "Hannity and Colmes" always try to find a way to make being black wrong. Unfortunately, they often get away with it, the people they bring up are under the pretense that they have been given a chance to show White America the intelligence Black people have. Instead they are hailed by a barrage of patronizing question on why their movement has to be "Black thing".


Like seriously, they think that everything is perfect their own way. But in this interview Lamarre leaves Hannity speechless.