New Release

Notch on The Belt


Ok so if you havn't heard by now I did a show last night at Club Choices in downtown Boston on Somerville Ave. Took two trains, a bus and cab. I was the first act on. I was ready to go though. I wasn't bout to waste an opportunity to rock the crowd. Besides I had an 8am Calc class in the morn and a long ride cab ride back to campus. Shout Out to my man Rich the 50Mics Capo. I did Big Girls and Hey Shawty. The crowd loved it, judges wasn't feeling Big Girls but its ALL LOVE.
The highlight of the night was actually the cab drive home. I met Skiffy of Dub Station, don't ask how but I guess that's Boston. He was mad cool, we talked music for minute and about his show OCTOBER 8th in Boston. I got the whole conversation on camera so just google them these guys are legends.
It wasn't until I got back to my dorm that Rick called me and told me that I had won. I think they call that irony. Be on the lookout for a collabo and more shows. Peace.



So its been like 2 months since Recess has been released and people are gettin word. Its wierd because I thought it would take a lil longer to get it into the right hands but my man RedBoy Productions had my back. My man from Hampton U texted saying people playing one of my songs. And for any DMV representers DJ Dirty Rico just put me on spin yesterday night so sh!t should be getting underway.Hopefully.I'll be praying.Peace.