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Notch on The Belt

Ok so if you havn't heard by now I did a show last night at Club Choices in downtown Boston on Somerville Ave. Took two trains, a bus and cab. I was the first act on. I was ready to go though. I wasn't bout to waste an opportunity to rock the crowd. Besides I had an 8am Calc class in the morn and a long ride cab ride back to campus. Shout Out to my man Rich the 50Mics Capo. I did Big Girls and Hey Shawty. The crowd loved it, judges wasn't feeling Big Girls but its ALL LOVE.
The highlight of the night was actually the cab drive home. I met Skiffy of Dub Station, don't ask how but I guess that's Boston. He was mad cool, we talked music for minute and about his show OCTOBER 8th in Boston. I got the whole conversation on camera so just google them these guys are legends.
It wasn't until I got back to my dorm that Rick called me and told me that I had won. I think they call that irony. Be on the lookout for a collabo and more shows. Peace.

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