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Swine Flu

so. I don't know if I should be scared of THE SWINE FLU or not?

Because just knowing how in general alot of people just tend not to be kind of scary because, I feel like if everyone washed their hands, took showers, and covered their mouths when they coughed/sneezed/blew their nose...then I wouldn't be so Paranoid. but some people are just REALLY REALLY REALLY diiiiirty. and a good number of those dirrrty people go to my school. sooo YUCK.

they say that THE SWINE FLU is like a combination of THE BIRD FLU, HUMAN FLU, AND SWINE FLU. i guess one of my biggest concerns is how the HELL someone caught the same sickness that affects birds and PIGS??? thats some wierd sci-fi stuff.

SOOOO far there are 6 swine flu-ers in Maryland. 2 of them are in Anne Arundel and FOUUUR of them are in Baltimore.

ALSO they said the same thing about Bird Flu when it was a "pandemic" back when bush first got into do we take it seriously?? or is it just another scare? this whole thing reminds me of lupe's song Streets on Fire:

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