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So I was wandering the World Wide Web and I saw this article on the Yahoo homepage there was this article talking about these pictures that NASA released from the last Hubble Space mission. Soo I was trying to see the picture really big but they didn't have any....soooo I went to the NASA website. to find the pictures. And they were beautiful so I wanted to share them with you. I feel like in the United States we tend to be so US oriented lol pun not intended. Its like we are so selfish and think of ourselves to be this large commanding force the rest of the world looks up to. In comparison to the enormity of the Galaxy what are we even? We are sooo small compared to the infinite space that surrounds us, all of these pictures to scale could fit thousands of Earths within them. These pictures are beautiful and pretty humbling to look at.
this is the website they have more pictures too

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