New Release


A lot's happened in the past month. My birthday for one and I'm back in Boston. Feels good to have my own place again. I got into music seriously when I started to realize that there was a serious side of it. Its fun expressing yourself and making a statement. Sometimes these statements leave lasting impressions. You always want to do your best but no ones the best at any one thing. At this point we only show respect to people we acknowledge have skill. But what if we think they're garbage? The nature of this business often forces adversaries to shake hands.

Did Joe Budden diss Fab or Did Fab Diss Joe Budden?

Even if we never truly find out, Twitter started the hype. They had #Fabscared trending for a day. You know how many niggaz you gotta have tweeting to get that shit trending. Life be crazy. Anyway whether its twitter beef or inside joke, it got to the point where Fab felt he had to make a response video. One person can publish a thought that can cause a perception to trend. Joe Budden made a controversial post and instant hype. Granted Joe Budden has over 100,000 followers. You get the point. Rappers beef with each other on the low but why deliberately make it public. Here's another example Rick Ross on King Bosses "She dated Slim Thug, But now she fuck with me. She finally made it to the biggest boss luckily". Slim Thug hit him on Twitter.

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