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That New Ish

Ok its official. This is the NEW SINGLE from Prozilla. Produced by Nick Kaminski of Tru . He is also head honcho of productions. It is called "Take It Slow(Don't Make Me)" ft Rayel & Micah. Rayel is a student at Northeastern University. She got flow and amazing vocal talent. Micah is also a student at Northeastern. Me and Nick have been working on this bit for a minute. Yeah its got that electronic pop to it but thats what I'm on right now. I think it's LIVE. Real Talk. I put some sweat into this one man. Nick can tell you how many time we butted heads on what should go where and the use of my artistic license when I say "Squeezin breast, and Grippin ass". Call it what you want but I just wanted to paint a picture of the typical animal house college party. You know you've been there at least once. We having fun partying, being young but I come with the lyricism .Download and Enjoy.
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